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Forty-five days before my 60th birthday, the final decree of my divorce came through and I was single again after a 26-year marriage.


OK but now what do I do? I have a mortgage, bills, a home, several pets, and a 20-year-old SUV to care for.  I’ll tell you what I do. I Suck It Up, Buttercup and get to work, focusing my energies on building up and improving my online business.

In addition to my ‘regular’ daytime job of course.  I ain’t no fool.

Online retail is perfect for my situation. I can do it from home, and with limited resources up here on the mountain, I can work with what is available to me. Such as my brain, and a strong work ethic.

I have a lot of irons in the fire, all lumped into the catch-all term NanBiz, and I’ll tell you about all of them, but – first things first…

Keeping a schedule is so important. It helps me get straight into ‘work-mode’ rather than wasting time in ‘fooling-around-on-the-internet mode’. A good method for this is known as Time Blocking. Simply put, I look at my day, or my week, plug in the things that HAVE to be done (appointments, chores, etc) and then around that, I clearly see what are the large chunks of time are available for me to spend on building my online business.

I combine that with a productivity technique known as bullet journaling – bastardized by me to conform to my slovenly ways.  Seriously, the things I read about how to do bullet journaling correctly make me tired before I even begin. There is so much involved! I just do what works for me and doesn’t take up half my day.

So I end up with this worksheet.  When I complete a task, I fill the square. Or if a task is incomplete by the end of the day I fill it in half way to remind myself I need to get back to it. (here is a link to download one that I have not scribbled all over) This technique also works with a purchased weekly planner, but the free download is, well, free.

Print it out, see if it works for you and if you would like one in the original excel format that you can edit to your liking, shoot me an email and I’ll email you one right back!

So that is my first line of defense. Organize my week so when I do find myself sliding off track, or wondering what to do next, I can just refer to my handy dandy NanBiz grid and see what I should be doing next!

Writer, reader, artist, teacher. Allathat. Internet Sales & Marketing on the flip side. Living and working from a mountain, smack dab in the middle of America.

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